A Journey Full of Lessons

I look back only to learn from the past and to reminisce. Getting caught up in the sore memories is something I no longer do, thanks to new understanding.

There’s much to dwell on in the past for all people, some of us lose sight of what matters most when faced with challenges.

Nowadays I see my old struggles as teachers, without them I’d still be waiting to take the life-exam; use or lose (use the lessons or lose them) I always say.

That’s what gets me thinking; how can anyone change anything of importance if they lack self-control over their thoughts?

I believe that thoughts eventually become things if enough energy is spent thinking. A shift from the invisible to the visible… real enough when it happens.

Thoughts carry frequencies/vibrations…

I believe the mind rotates thoughts no matter how recent or past, scouting the mind’s vault of old/new thoughts which are thrown into a specialised matrix where decisions are made via our neurons and other microscopic soldiers.

For many years I’ve found myself headed along spiritual paths instead of chasing the worldly way. Too many megalomaniacs fighting for world domination and whatever else they can manage to covet along the way.

Trying to steer clear of conformity, striving to understand life’s mysteries until I find something better to entertain my mind.

Self-control is a must for a guy like me – this world is always going to present bigger and badder obstacles for those who lack control over their thoughts…

…yep, I guess I’m conditioning my mind with a personal type of internal code – even programming my thoughts to fight ‘for me’ instead of against me.

Usually works!

And to finally wake up in this world is a relief to know that I’m actually learning valuable lessons. Responsibility being my close companion… so where do I go from here, exactly?

Absolutely anywhere I choose.

In a world where choice is OFTEN misunderstood and disregarded/ignored, I see something else that seems attractive. An opportunity to adapt and grow.

The path is why I’m here, it’s a Soul’s calling. Can’t ignore that. My eyes see only the things that I’m able to see, but my imagination is beyond limitation.


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