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Lord Jesus Christ

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Anthony & Method of Energy

I enjoy investing my energy into people who have ambition because they're focused on achieving something meaningful. 

Hence my reasons for creating Method of Energy (MOE). I get through each day by focusing on the Lord first, before trying to do my own thing.

That's the lesson I learned the hard way years ago, but now I understand. I’m not a religious man, and although I know it sounds odd - for now I'll simply say that being Christian is way of life - not a religion.

Jesus is above my own desires.

There are many ways to do one thing. I provide a healing service, prayer & Bible Study, because one method won’t work for every individual.

My ultimate vision for MOE is to be a place of support for those who have lost their way in life and need guidance...

A friendly shoulder, and a vibrant community of understanding people who care.

Navigating Through Life's Challenges

The way forward is never always clear. When the mist thickens I rely on Jesus Christ Almighty. He knows our struggles and will shine a light through the most foggy and darkest of times.

Matthew 25:34“Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

Latest Project

London Youth Advocates

Another thing close to my heart is a project I've created for helping London's youth to start a new chapter in their lives, helping to support young people who are intent on leaving gang life behind.



Founder & CEO

I enjoy investing my energy into people who have ambition, because they're focused on achieving something by taking action. There is no greater destination than to arrive at His reward.

Jesus inspires me to be creative, so I use this opportunity to advance my life in a way that I feel suits me. I never feel more energy from any source than I do when focused on Him.

Christ gives raw strength to His believers. And although He might not be on your list of loved ones, He will be the one who returns here to do what we people cannot.

His sacrifice gave me the life I’m living, and I not one to ignore this. Jesus is the bridge that carries people safely to the other side where we relax our past with Him.

Maintaining Focus

Concentrating on Jesus is the way that I receive what I need - when I need it:

Sitting and wishing is costly to the emotions.

Watching what other people have will not support your own dreams...

Living in Christ is all-powerful because HE provides.

Find Him before your dreams, He is the bridge that fills gaps.

Invest in Jesus like He invested in you. Remember His sacrifice.

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Luke 9:50

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